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Things to Know About Types of Fire Extinguishers
With the different kinds of fire extinguishers available in the market, it is very important for you to know what these are so that you can use them properly. Here are seven types of fire extinguishers that you must be aware of: carbon dioxide (CO), dry chemical, foam, fluorocarbon, halon, water, and wet chemical.
Carbon Dioxide (CO) Fire Extinguisher
One of the benefits that raise CO among other types of fire extinguishers is that it can be utilized on different types of fire. CO can smother fires due to its ability to condense the amount of oxygen around the fire. Be cautious about using this fire extinguisher because, since it is particularly cold, it could burn up your hand if mishandled.
Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
There are two types of fire extinguishers that falls under this category. You can either have BC powder or an ABC. The BC powder is usually used for small areas especially for cars. On the other hand, the ABC type can be utilized for other fires brought up by any other sources.

Foam Fire Extinguisher
Foam fire extinguishers are together with other types of fire extinguishers used for Class B which involves flammable greases and other liquids such as gasoline, oil, solvent, kerosene, rubber cement, diesel and paint. It would be best for you to have proper training on how to use this type of fire extinguisher.

Halon Fire Extinguisher
Among other types of fire extinguishers, this agent is known to be retiring off the market these days. The reason behind the nearing extermination of this fire extinguisher is its not being environmental and ecological. This is regularly used for fires that occur inside planes and it is known to be very adaptable.

Water Fire Extinguisher
As compared to other types of fire extinguishers, this is the most popular one and commonly used by many households and establishments. This is typically used for Class A fire which is for combustible materials based on cellulose such as cardboard, paper, wood and other materials like styrofoam, cloth, plastics, and trash.
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher
Unlike other types of fire extinguishers, this is only used for Class K. Even though this can also be used for oils, this is exclusively made for commercial kitchen. It has been present in the market for just a few years now.
Always keep in mind that knowing what types of fire extinguishers will help you determine how to properly use it in case of fire. Proper training on each type of fire extinguisher is needed for you to be able to do the right thing. The choice that you will make should be dependent on the situation at hand. If you are going to purchase for a fire extinguisher, you must be able to decide according to what type of fire you will most like encounter on the area where you will designate it.

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